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Dry Cleaning

We take pride in ensuring you that we clean your garment up to the state of perfection levels. The cleaning solvent we use is a liquid, and all garments are dipped and gently cleaned in the solvent. We don’t use any water in this process and that is why it is known as “Dry Cleaning”. Our solvent is cleaned. Our solvent is eco-friendly with the same cleaning power as of traditional solvent for giving you the quality cleaning after every load where some cleaners repeat the dirty solvent throughout the day. We prefer using the best detergents and latest machines to make sure your garments turn out to be clean, bright, soft and dirt free as possible.

We inspect your garments to see if there are any missing buttons, tears etc that might require special attention. Pockets need to be emptied with any lying valuables in them so as to return it back to you. We appoint a certified spot removal specialist for making your garments pre-spots wherever required in order to make stain removal process easier. Our staff is knowledgeable enough of using the correct detergents and methods for removing spots without causing any damage to your garment.  Once the cleaning gets over, our inspectors re-examine your garments for any post-cleaning spots. Triple inspection is conducted for all garments to ensure proper cleaning and to ensure all garments are completely inspected.

Special care is given to every garment that we process. Shoulder guards ensure to protect your suit coats and blazers from the impression marks of the hanger. Special polo hangers are used to maintain their shape. We also use tissue in every sweater for avoiding wrinkles. We use foam hangers for protecting your dresses and blouses from impression marks. Sometimes garments which you store in your closet often require a finishing touch for some special occasion. We only offer “PRESS ONLY” service for those specific garments. Your clothes will be returned to you looking at its ultimate best.