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The first impression counts a lot about a person. Why not Diamond Laundry and Cleaners make the first impression everlasting for you? We are professional cleaners in delivering you the highest quality of services in pressing and cleaning. We ensure to make your shirts professionally cleaned and pressed. We make your shirts spot and soil free with a clean and bright look. You may find all your shirts button in their place along with a perfect look of your collars and cuffs. The state of the art starch cooker which we use gives all starched shirts a crispy satiny feel allowing us to starch your shirt as per your preference. Your shirts are given back to you either folded, boxed, or on hangers. Not every cleaner offer this service to you. Whatever your requirements are, we are with you always.


Are you piled up with your laundry and there’s no time left for you in a day to do it?
Leave your laundry with us and we will gently wash, dry and fold all your items. We keep your colors separate from whites before washing. It is folded and encased for your pick-up. The service is available with a one or two-day turnaround as per your convenience.