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Experience the finest leather and suede cleaning from Diamond Laundry and Cleaners. Our trained leather specialist knows that a considerable investment is involved in your leather or suede garment and needs an extra time for preserving its natural look. Leather garments secure a fine conditioner and cleaner that softly remove dirt and soil while keeping the softness of the leather intact. This is a form of preservation that gives a natural appearance to your leather.  We usually recommend that after cleaning your leather garment that we recolor it. This is common and will apply a finish for replacing the finish which was once lost over time. We change some of the leathers to a color of your choice from a lighter to darker color. We can also clean any color of leather.

Fur Cleaning

Fashions are always on a way in and out to go, so it remains the same for fur trimmed garments for their changing styles. Not all cleaners do fur cleaning, but at Diamond Laundry and Cleaners we want to do justice with your every investment made. Due to the fragile nature of the furs, our professional cleaners completely inspect before cleaning so as to become assured of being able to clean the fur.  The cleaning process has the capacity to remove soils, condition the skins, and freshen up the fur. Furs that have been cleaned and stored correctly will continue for many years. Have faith for your furs on Diamond Laundry and Cleaners for making it pass further from generation to generation.